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Welcome Tufts University students & faculty to the communities of Somerville & Medford! This website is linked to a database where literally all of the largest real estate agencies in the Boston area post listings to. There are many great up to the minute Somerville apartments for rent & properties for sale around the Tufts University system. We work with many Tufts University students & staff finding apartments around the area. This system will let you search 1, 2, 3, 4+ bedroom houses for rent around Somerville, Medford, Cambridge, Boston, and all around Tufts University.

Tufts University can trace its beginnings to a donation of 20 acres of land by Charles Tufts (who would later donate an additional 80 acres to the school). The land, located within the city of Medford, included Walnut Hill, one of the highest elevations in the greater Boston area and site of the first building on the campus. This location gave rise to the directions -- downhill and uphill -- that are still used today by students and faculty members. Walnut Hill remains the heart of the campus, but Tufts University has grown substantially since its founding and now encompasses parts of Medford and Somerville.

Apartments, condos and houses can be found throughout Somerville and Medford in various price ranges. Faculty, staff and students can find housing to rent or buy, regardless of whether the need is for an economical one-bedroom apartment or an upscale four-bedroom home.

Tufts University is a short distance from Somerville's Davis Square. The Davis Square neighborhood has undergone an extensive revitalization effort over the past three decades, and the area today is considered one of the most desirable locations in Somerville. Davis Square also houses some of Tufts University's administrative offices. The university is also near Powder House Square.

The Tufts campus is approximately five miles from Boston. This means that all of the cultural activities, attractions, nightlife and events centered in the Boston metropolitan area are easily accessible from Medford and Somerville.

Dining in the immediate vicinity of the Tufts campus is similar to the variety found near typical American universities. The majority of the eateries nearest the campus focus on casual American cuisine, but diners can also find Italian, Chinese, vegetarian and Indian restaurants. Venturing just a short distance beyond the campus brings a much wider selection, such as steak houses, seafood restaurants and fine-dining establishments as well as take-out, fast food and chain restaurants.

We welcome you to Somerville & Medford and we hope your stay here is a great one. Please call us anytime 7 days a week 617-247-1933 with any questions even about the city in general!

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