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Somerville Land for Sale

Somerville Land for Sale

If you’re trying to find land for sale in Somerville, MA, you may feel like you’re striking out right now. Most of the time, very little land appears in the listings, making it easy to assume that it’s not available. However, there is land up for grabs in this bustling Boston suburb – you just need to know who to ask about it. In that case, you can’t go wrong by connecting with Boston City Properties. As a Boston commercial real estate leader, we can provide you with the resources, insights, and services you need to find the land you need.

A Great Time to Invest in Land in Somerville

Even in the wake of the pandemic, this is a great time to invest in land anywhere in Greater Boston – but Somerville is an especially apt choice. The life science market, which was already on fire across the region, has exploded lately, as hundreds of local firms work on developing treatments and vaccines. The city’s first life science building topped off in September 2020. Upon completion, it will bring 290,000 square feet of life science space to the city. Ultimately, the Boynton Yards mixed-use development where it’s located is poised to become another significant life science hub.

Development Opportunities for Land in Somerville

People buy land in Somerville for many reasons. For example, perhaps you want to build a new single-family home; purchasing the right plot of land can help you get there. Then again, maybe you want to acquire land, hold onto it and then market it to developers. That’s a wise strategy given the current upward trajectory of Somerville’s commercial real estate market. Development opportunities abound for vacant land in the city. You can buy land there and market it for hotels, multifamily housing, lab space and many other things.

Avoid Pitfalls Buying Land

Even if you find land for sale in Somerville on the MLS, a lot of due diligence is needed to ensure that you’ll be able to make good on your investment. If the land has underlying environmental problems, for example, it could be virtually worthless. Zoning could be an issue depending on the ultimate goals for the land in question, and the same goes for easements. These and other issues can be managed and handled for you by the talented team at Boston City Properties, making it easier to acquire land that meets your criteria.

Access Off-Market Land Listings in Somerville

You may be finding nothing but crickets on the MLS, but that doesn’t mean no land is available in Somerville. Indeed, in Greater Boston, many if not most land sale transactions start with land that never even appeared in the listings. The insiders at Boston City Properties can show you off-market listings for land for sale in Somerville, expanding your reach and increasing the odds of finding the perfect thing fast. Our agents know these properties well, so they can quickly match you up with options that align with your investment and other goals.

Get Somerville Land with Boston City Properties

Don’t sell yourself short when buying land in Somerville, MA. Understand that purchasing land anywhere in Greater Boston is a big undertaking. It’s worth it to line up the resources and help that you’ll need from the get-go. With Boston City Properties, a trusted authority in Boston commercial real estate, you’ll gain access to opportunities that don’t appear in the listings. We’ll refer you to local agents and brokers who can help you identify and procure land in Somerville that suits your goals to a T. For more info, contact Boston City Properties today.