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Clarendon Hill Apartments & Condos

Clarendon Hill is one of Somerville's "Seven Hills," geographic features formed thousands of years ago by glaciers. The other six hills are Central Hill, Cobble Hill, Winter Hill, Prospect Hill, Spring Hill and Ploughed Hill. All hills are located on the Mystic River floodplain, offering beautiful views in all directions. The seven hills played an important part in determining where the first highways and streets in the area were placed. However, geography was only one factor considered by early roadbuilders. Many roads followed existing paths that had been worn over time by farmers transporting goods to nearby cities, including Boston.

Clarendon Hill is located in the northwest portion of Somerville. It lies so near the city's boundary that the cities of Medford and Cambridge and the town of Arlington are within walking distance. Clarendon Hill is also conveniently located near Tufts University and Teele Square.

The neighborhood has bus service, provided by MBTA, but currently does not have rail transportation. However, the area offers easy access to important roadways, including Broadway, Alewife Brook Parkway, Powder House Boulevard and the Mystic Valley Parkway.

Unlike many other cities, Somerville was not laid out to concentrate businesses, restaurants or retailers in a central district. Instead, the town features a number of different corridors that offer residents easy access to shopping, dining or entertainment. This means that a variety of shops and entertainment venues are also conveniently located near Clarendon Hill.